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點點滴滴的愛 – little signs of love while traveling

It’s my favorite time of the year, in less than one week I will be back home. #homekong

But seriously, we are all packed and ready to go. I always pack ahead and just confirm one week before the flight itself that I still want to wear the clothes I have in my suitcase.
Hong Kong Dollars are already in my wallet, headphone splitter is with our passports. My head is slowly joining the place I left my heart at. 

We only need to get through the worse. The whole journey itself.

I love travelling, but I have a terrible feeling regarding flying. Not only I get the physical discomfort when I cannot lay in a comfortable position, I have to watch movies using headphones which causes a headache, but I can never sleep and become bored and grumpy.
Whenever I want to use the toilet I have to go pass someone, not to mention the mid-flight the toilet is already nasty.
No airline in particular, I just dislike flying from the bottom of my heart. Probably even in the first class I wouldn’t enjoy myself until I could reach the ground.

And again, my husband becomes the superhero and the game savior. 

The little signs of love are not the ones from romantic comedies. We do not feed each other food, gaze into each others’ eyes and kiss when we land. It’s more like a masochist trip to Sing as it’s full of pain and discomfort.

Here’s the list of things my husband does to make me enjoy my way on holidays.

  • Freezes to death – I always underdress for the flights as my most comfortable clothes are very thin. That results in me complaining how cold it is and Sing losing his hoodie.
  • Loses his airplane pillows – I hate airplane seats, and there’s always that one part that will keep poking one of my sides. I would always get that tiny pillow from Sing to cover the sticking-out part. The problem is that those pillows are usually very thin which results in…
  • Loses his traveling pillow – because of that his head is wobbling in every way possible like a bobblehead toy.
  • Loses the blood circulation in his palm – I watched one TV show that stated the most risky parts of the flight are 8 minutes from the start and 8 minutes from the landing. Because of this I nearly crush Sing’s hand, I can literally see the pain on his face, but he won’t say anything. I guess he’s just impressed with my strength.
  • Will let me sleep with my feet next to his face – the only OK-position that will allow me to nap for a short while is with my head next to the window and feet left somewhere on Sing. Since I move quite a lot they often end up in his face but he won’t wake me up as I get very little sleep on the airplane. Luckily, they are clean!
  • Will encourage me to speak Cantonese to the staff so I can improve my language skills and not think about the fear of flying – I’m confident about my writing and even reading, but when it comes to speaking Cantonese I feel very insecure. At home it’s just me and him so I don’t really have many chances to practice. This way not only I can get my mind off the constant fear of falling down, but I can also improve my spoken Cantonese. Probably the only thing on this whole list that is pleasurable for both of us.
  • Has to look through the window every 5 minutes and report to me is everything OK with the airplane – for some reason we are always seated next to the wing so I keep looking outside to see if everything is the way it should be (even if I don’t really know how it all works). Sing majored in aerospace engineering so it gives me a little less pressure when we fly. I think he wishes he never told me that.
  • Will keep a pair of hotel slippers for the comfort of my feet – I have no idea where he gets them from, but there are always spare hotel slippers in our house for long flights. I wouldn’t think of getting them, they are never on my ‘To pack’ list, but they always happen to be in my backpack. Can’t complain, tho – try it yourself, especially if you get swollen very easily.
  • Prepares the whole entertainment system – iPad with downloaded shows from Netflix, MonopolyGo, cards, crosswords, PSP. If you would ever seen us traveling you may think we’re having a toddler with us, but the truth is since I cannot sleep I get cranky and bored really easily, but Sing will always find a way to take my mind away.

Can you believe that after all he still wants to fly with me instead of booking the seat next to some stranger who definitely won’t do that?

You make ask ‘What do you do, to make him feel the same way he makes you feel?’. That’s a very good questions, because when I think of it all I do is take away his work phone and make sure he relaxes.
So little, yet seems so much for my workaholic husband.

I hope you all can also enjoy your trips with someone you love and who cares for you so much.
Let us know what our your tips for other couples that travel a lot! 

I also hope we can meet in Hong Kong, Taipei or Naha! We’re going to be in HK between 16.07 till 29.07 with a small break for Taiwan (17-18.07) and Japan (18-23). If you see us, come over and let’s have a chat! Would love to meet you all!

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